How to Chop an Onion

step one

Trin et

Slice down middle of onion so you get 2 halves. Our top tip is to then place one half back face down to minimise onion tears!
Step two

Trin to

Peel back the brown skin from the first half, replace back face down on the chopping board and repeat for the other half. Then just cut off the end of each half to leave you with the white area of your onion ready to dice.
step three

Trin tre

Hold the end of your onion carefully and begin to make cuts through, remembering to cut away from yourself. The more cuts you make the smaller the dice of your onion, so wider cuts, will give you bigger diced chunks eventually. Be careful not to cut completely through, you need to keep the back end in tact where you are holding the onion.
step four

Trin fire

You then cut horizontally across the onion, again the more cuts you make the finer your dice will be.
step five

Trin fem

Make a claw with your fingers and place them down on the onion, making sure your finger nails are well away from the blade. It is your knuckles which are in contact with the knife not fingers. Then with a soaring motion cut through your onion.
step six

Trin seks

Continue to cut through all the onion, not forgetting your other half, until it is all beautifully diced and ready to cook with.